Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Teecil™ conform to USGA rules and regulations?

A: Yes, The Teecil™ conforms to USGA rules and regulations.

Q: How long is the Teecil™?

A: Currently, all Teecils™ are 3 ¼ inches long.

Q: What if the Teecil™ graphite breaks while being inserted into the ground?

A: No matter what happens to your tee, whether it breaks while you are teeing off or you lose it, you just grab another from your bag. If you always have enough tees for a round of golf, then the Teecil™ will be no different. With a Teecil™, you will never have to worry about your pencil, because as long as you have your Teecil™, you will always have your pencil.   

Q: What happens if the Teecil™ gets dirty?

A: Treat the Teecil™ as a regular golf tee. Even if the Teecil™ gets dirty it is still perfectly able to write clearly. The Teecil™ should be thought of as a normal golf tee but with the added extra benefit of also being your pencil. If you want a clean Teecil™ for scoring, just grab another one from your bag and use it for scoring until you're ready for your next Teecil™. 

Q: Will the Teecil™ change the flight of the ball off the Teecil™?

A: No. The Teecil™ has been engineered to cause no impact to the flight of the ball off the Teecil™. This has been proven through rigorous design and testing. 

Q: Is there any potential environmental damage caused by broken Teecil™s left in or around the tee box or course? 

A: The Teecil™ does not contain any materials which would cause any environmental damage and are not materially different from any impacts that would be caused by existing traditional wooden tees. 

Q: Do you need to carry an eraser when using a Teecil™?

A: No, you do not need an eraser while using a Teecil™. If you don’t carry an eraser while using a pencil during a round of golf then there is no need to carry an eraser.