About Stephen Senior and Junior 

Both Stephen Senior and Junior are avid golfers. During the summer, they often hit the links together. It was a great bonding experience but at times, Junior often found it could be frustrating. Senior always placed a golf tee over one of his ears and a pencil over his other ear. As he set up for almost every tee shot, he would reach over the wrong ear and grab his pencil, when he needed his tee. At the end of the hole when it was time to fill out the scorecard, he would reach over the wrong ear again and grab his tee, when he needed his pencil. Junior found himself being more aggravated playing golf with his father than enjoying it. He realized he needed to find a solution to this problem in order to once again enjoy a round of golf with his father. After wracking his brain for a while, the idea of the Teecil™ was born. Creating a golf tee that could also function as a pencil would eliminate the need to carry both a tee and a pencil. No matter what his father was doing, whether it was keeping score or teeing off, if he had a Teecil™ he would have his tee and pencil in one, and Junior would have his sanity back.